Active Directory Connector



The Active Directory Connector lets you integrate your Windows users automatically into the our CMS' user management system and set up an intranet with single login and granular role and rights administration.

Your benefit

Double management and the associated costs as well as error possibilities are avoided
Data is always available in updated form
No changes or installations in the Active Directory e.g. for additional attributes are required
High degree of security during the operation, as the authentication is only conducted towards the directory service and no additional access data is stored

Details "Active Directory Connector"

Adoption of users and roles from the Active Directory for use in contentXXL

During the operation of Intranets and Extranets, the automatic adoption of users and roles from the Active Directory for use in the CMS is frequently demanded. The Active Directory Connector provides this function automatically and out-of-the-box, without additional programming.


What can you do with it?

Operating an Intranet or Extranet with single login


What is it capable of?

  • Adoption of Windows users from the Active Directory into the contentXXL user management system
  • Adoption of Windows user groups and their assignment to contentXXL roles, e.g. the role “Sales” may correspond to the group “Sales” in the Active Directory
  • The directory service is the superior system, only reading access is permitted
  • It is possible to only adopt users whose groups are assigned to roles. All other users act as “anonymous” users.
  • Attributes of the user (e.g. e-mail address or date of birth) can be adopted from the Active Directory into the contentXXL user management system and assigned to contentXXL attributes (mapping).
  • The adopted users are available as contacts, e.g. for the allocation as contact partners within the scope of the content relationship management
  • The data can be validated and updated automatically upon login; manual comparison in the site manager can be implemented as an alternative
  • The access rights themselves are managed exclusively in contentXXL; only the users and the groups/roles are obtained from the Active Directory
  • No passwords are stored in the CMS user management system
  • Thus, an extremely effective single login is enabled by means of Windows authentication at the IIS, i.e. the currently existing Windows login is also valid in contentXXL. No further entry is required; the user is automatically logged in. This function can principally be implemented without the connector as well - in this case, however, the users need to be created and the roles assigned to them manually.
  • The current user data can be displayed e.g. by means of the Login Module
  • The user data may be supplemented by further attributes for exclusive use in the CMS (e.g. image information)
  • The connector has to be provided with access rights which allow for reading out the Active Directory attributes
  • Only a single domain model with flat group structure (not recursive) is supported
  • Implementation adapted to other directory services (e.g. via LDAP, NTLM) is principally possible, however, not included in the offered delivery scope

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