Create and maintain multi-purpose blogs



The blog module and other integrated CMS functions turn contentXXL into a blog CMS. Add a corporate blog with a variety of blog functions such as categorization, tagging, or trackbacks, all as easy as you'd expect with contentXXL. In combination with other modules in the social marketing package, you can create numerous interactive functions such as reviews, comments, or surveys.

Your benefit

Create your blog with the usual CMS interface: no additional software needed! Centralized data management in a single program not only ensures a consistent brand image but also allows content to be readily used in different contexts, creating synergies in content production. Blogs with regular, fresh content helps retain customers and score points for updates with the search engines which, in turn, mean better chances of gaining new customers!

Details "Blogs: create multi-purpose blogs"

Corporate blogs with the contentXXL blog CMS

A blog is a series of posts (articles, news, etc.), usually organized chronologically.
While blogs were initially known primarily as personal online journals, today companies are successfully using blogs successfully as instruments of corporate communications.

contentXXL's blog module is perfect for writing, managing and presenting your blog posts
and is divided into several sub-modules:

  • blogs
  • linked blogs
  • blog archive
  • blog tag clouds
  • blog trackbacks
  • show trackback links in blogs
  • linked blog tags

In combination with these modules/features, contentXXL unfolds its full force as a blog CMS:
by using blog tag clouds, related blog tags, or even the normal tag cloud module, it's possible to create links to other posts (incl. those made by other bloggers).
Add the voting & rating module also included in the social marketing package to enrich your blog with user-generated content.

An overview of the features:

  • create posts in the WYSIWYG editor
  • data can also be added with the new contentXXL inline editor
  • display blog entries chronologically as an overview
  • lots of metadata for search engines
  • search engine crawling supported with smart URLs to ensure your blog entry gets tagged with the right keywords
  • assign categories and/or add tags
  • display tag clouds (for the blog or cross-portal)
  • send and receive trackback links, allowing other bloggers and you to decide if another blog can link back to yours
  • information presented entirely through templates
  • assign items to other objects such as contacts manually or automatically via categories (content relationship management)

combine/interact with other contentXXL premium modules for web 2.0 such as reviews, comments, voting, and more.

CURRY Innovations GmbH is the manufacturer of the contentXXL CMS for Microsoft Server. contentXXL CMS has been used by leading companies around the world and in all sectors to build and maintain dynamic web sites and intranet/extranet portals.

The ASP.NET-based CMS is available in three different editions (Basic, Professional and Enterprise). Although the features are oriented to the requirements of international companies and conglomerates requiring content in multiple languages, the system is also ideally suited for small and medium-sized businesses thanks to its attractive pricing model.

Customers can either lease or purchase the system and install it directly on their own servers.

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