Social Media Plugins



With the new contentXXL social media module, a wide variety of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn can be integrated into and displayed on the website. The new module includes the newest interfaces for the most popular social media portals and is continually updated to meet the ever growing needs on the market

Your benefit

Users can share content in social networks quickly and easily, thereby increasing its distribution.
Flexible dispersal of dynamic content
Target-orientated promotion of products, services and new features
More freedom of choice for the users
Increase the value of the portal with individual information channels
Broad appeal by using diversified and target-group-specific information channels
Faster reaction to internal and external events
Search engine optimization
Can be templated individually

Details "Social Media Plugins"



The Like button allows users to "like" the contents on their own websites and to "share" the content on Facebook. That means that users logged onto Facebook see friends that have already "liked" the content.



With the "Send" button, visitors can publish a link for friends via Facebook messages in groups or send it to an individual e-mail address.

For example, from a page with Mothers´ Day gifts a link can be sent to other family members to start a discussion or, if the user is a member of a group, a certain article can be posted to a group. Clicking the "Send" button opens a window, allows the receiver to be selected and offers the option to add a short message to the link.



The Facebook comment box allows users to leave comments on a website and to share these comments on their own walls.



The Activitiy Feed displays the most recent activity on your own Facebook website. The contents are adapted and highlighted for the specific user(s). In addition, it shows whether contents have been "shared" or "liked". If enough of your own contacts are active on a page, only this content is displayed. If there is less activity or if users are not logged in, the activity of all users is displayed. A targeted URL can be set for each activity stream.



Facebook Recommendations shows users personalized recommendations for the content on your website. Contents can also be adapted for specific users here as well.

When a specific user is logged in, the recommendations from his or her contacts are highlighted. Users who are logged out receive recommendations for all users.

To record data, Recommendations uses all interactions with Facebook that originate from your site. A specific URL can be entered here for each domain and, as with the Activity Feed, they are precisely differentiated from each other.



Facepile displays the users who are already logged onto the website and who have "liked" it.



LiveStream allows users to share activities and comments in real time, which especially good for live events such as concerts, webcasts, webinars or multiplayer games.





The "Follow" buttons is used to motivate visitors to follow the content directly. Each area is independent, which means that the Twitter "Follow" button does not depend on the "Tweet" button; these plug-ins function separately, have their own setting options and can be selected in the template as separate placeholders.



With the Tweet button, users can tweet directly from a blog or website without having to leave the page.



The most recent Twitter updates on any website can be displayed using the profile widget. In this case, the tweets are displayed or collected from a specific user.



The search widget can be used to display search results in real time. It is ideal for use with live events, broadcasts, conferences, television programming or simply to stay up to date.





With the PlusOne (+1) button, users can publicly share what they like. The "plussed" page is displayed in a Google+ stream. This function is comparable with the Facebook "Like" button.





The Share button can be used to share website content and display it on your own wall.





The Share button can be used to share website content and display it on your own wall.


Company Profile

The Company Profile can be used to display your own LinkedIn company profile on a website.


Company Insider

With Company Insider, you provide a more personal view of your company. Visitors receive customer-specific information, e.g. which employees in your network work at companies, which new job possibilities there are and which new hires have recently been made. In addition, users can following the company with just one click.



With the Recommend button your users can recommend your products and services to a specialized audience at LinkedIn.


Member Profile

The Member Profile is used to bring other LinkedIn members to your website; in this way, you help other users to discover common users and establish new professional connections.


Share Bench

With the Share Bench, visitors can share and distribute comments about the content and products in various social media networks by clicking the button. The visitor`s contacts can react with comments and clicks. Advertising recommendations have wide reaching effects here.


Contact Bench

With the Contact Bench, visitors are always connected with your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Companies that are represented in the social media network are seen in a more positive light, which increases their acceptance and position among customers.

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