Social Media Publisher



Post directly from the social media CMS to Facebook (and soon to other channels, too). Publish existing content or write entirely new posts directly from the CMS onto Facebook. Of course, based on defined roles, access rights and approval processes.

Your benefit

Publication of contentXXL articles already existing
Real-time publication of new social media posts
Workflow and versioning
Login data not passed on to social media portals
Rights and roles stored
Centralized administration

Details "Social Media Publisher"


The Social Media Publisher allows editing staff to publish web page content, such as articles and news, in social media portals at the touch of a button.

The Social Media Publisher lets you check and version posts, or give the employee or editor the freedom to decide which posts to publish. You can store your rights and roles as normal, and administer your data centrally without having to release any user data for the social media portals. Maintaining the posts internally also saves you time because the user does not need to log into Facebook specially to put an article there.


Publication of contentXXL articles already existing

This mechanism allows you to publish contentXXL articles, already created, in the social media portals. The work of the employee or editor is simplified because contentXXL saves the existing fields of the post with those of the contentXXL article created. They then just need to check how much of the whole text they would like to release.


Publication of new social media posts

You can also maintain new posts quite easily using an extra window that provides the employee or editor with the exact assistance they need to create the social media post.



If an employee or editor creates a new post for a particular social media portal, it is not published immediately on the portal but first passed on to the person or role responsible to be checked.

Before posts are shown on the social media portal, you can have them checked by someone higher up. They can then approve the post or refuse its approval.

APPROVAL GIVEN – The post stored in the system will now be published in the social media portal.

APPROVAL REFUSED – The post stored in the system will be passed on to the author with a comment from the person checking it, e.g. “Please shorten text and use more keywords in the message”. The author can then re-edit the post his or herself, or pass it on to someone else to edit.

After the post has been edited and re-published, the work mechanism starts all over again.



You can use the activated versioning to re-edit posts already published and put new variations in the social media portal.The versioning stored allows you to keep track what posts, and in which versions, have been published. It also enables many details to be recorded, such as the publication date or author of the post.

The versioning can also be linked to a workflow. This means that each edited post can run through the workflow mechanism before it is published in the portal.

No versioning and workflow – If no versioning or workflow is saved for the Social Media Publisher module, the article is published immediately in the social media portal.


Login data for users?

Staff or editors do not need any access data to the social media portals. This is stored by an administrator. Rights and roles only let approved staff and editors access this data.

Social media portals, such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+, use the OAuth method. With the OAuth method you log into a portal once and receive a unique access code. This access code generates an authorization token, allowing all the posts to be published.



After you have created a Social Media Publisher module, you can store special rights for users or roles in this module. You can then control which roles and/or user posts may be published on the particular social media portal.


Centralized administration

Maintaining posts with contentXXL lets you manage your data centrally and also ensures that only “web-page-specific” posts are published.

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