Settings for SEO on-page optimization



Plenty of features to assist you with the important on-page optimization of your site:
Compression options, JavaScript minification and caching reduce load times (affecting the page speed ranking factor)
Speaking URLs can be generated automatically
Canonical URLs (canonical tags) for duplicated content
Numerous opportunities to improve internal links
Comprehensive text optimization for keyword use, web usability, readability and accessibility through optional Lingulab integration
Easy entry of metadata such as Title and Meta-Description
Additional meta tags can be freely defined

Your benefit

Important on-page factors are easy to optimize without detailed technical knowledge. On-page optimization is the basis for good search engine rankings, meaning more traffic, leads, and new customers through increased search engine visibility.

Details "Search Engine Optimization (SEO)"

Importance of SEO on-page optimization

In addition to off page optimization which focuses on creating a backlink profile, on-page optimization is the second major part of search engine optimization and needs to be supported by any content management system. It helps create a positive image of your site and improves how both users and search engines evaluate your site. Ever since the increased integration of user signals into Google's rankings, the positive perception by humans has been an essential part of SEO.

On-page optimization can be viewed as obligatory when it comes to search engine optimization: using it will not necessarily lead to top rankings, but failure to use it will, however, certainly ensure you won't get good placement in the search results. Under no circumstances, can you dispense with fundamental optimization or a clear site structure. contentXXL CMS offers numerous features to help you achieve these goals.



Optimizing load times

contentXXL page caching

Frequently accessed pages can load in seconds if cached in the CMS backend in the server's main memory and can thus load more quickly when reopened.


Minifying JavaScript

contentXXL make sit possible to minify JavaScript within your site's settings. This means that JavaScript files are compressed and thus delivered faster.


Enable browser caching

By selecting the appropriate settings on IIS, the browser can be instructed to load static resources such as images or css files from the local hard drive rather than over the network.


HTTP compression

Allows the compression of static content in contentXXL with gzip. This reduces the size of the resources to be transmitted and allows your site to load faster.




Title and meta-description are among the most important elements of on-page optimization. They fulfill important functions for the search engine and for users. The title, for example, appears in the browser tab and helps orient the user. In addition, the title tag is used by Google as the heading for search results.

The same applies to the meta-description which Google often uses for the text of the snippet shown in the results page.

Title and meta-description thus often make up the first contact with customers looking for your business or your products/services and thus represent an important factor in optimizing CTR in the search results.



Speaking URLs

Speaking URLs help search engine crawlers classify your site and look nice for human users than cryptic URLs with lots of sub-directories shown. A meaningful URL also immediately conveys what users can expect from the side and are easier to remember. Our content management system lets you generate named URLs from the assigned page name with just the click of a button. Umlauts and other special characters are automatically removed and words are separated with hyphens in accordance with the general SEO standard.



Internal links

Internal links refers to all links between the main and sub-pages of your own website. They help guide users and make the site more usable, but are also an important ranking factor for Google and other search engines. An important factor here is strong interlinking of your pages with each other and a sensible, flat site hierarchy. With several navigation modules incl. bread-crumb navigation, the link module, and content relationship management (e.g. related links), the contentXXL CMS system offers a wide range of possibilities for the organization, design and optimization of links.



Canonical tags for duplicated content

Duplicated content is created when (almost) identical content is accessible under different URLs. These have several cause, such as URL setup, multiple publishing of content (e.g. in different categories), or creating dynamic content via URL parameters.

In addition to some server-side configuration options (such as 30 forwards), the use of canonical tags are an appropriate solution.

The contentXXL asp.net CMS offers two options: if a page is supposed to be accessible with or without the "www", then this can be set up without any further effort. A canonical tag is automatically set for both URLs.

If treating other issues (such as the URL is accessible via different category parameters), a corresponding canonical tag can be set on both the page and object level.



Text optimization

With the optional Lingulab module, it is possible to optimize texts directly in the CMS based on various criteria such as keyword usage, online suitability, accessibility, and comprehensibility. The optimization is carried out using recognized criteria and has two positive effects on the ranking. In addition to optimizing crawler experience, the optimization also offers human users further advantages: more relevant and better texts result in positive user signals such as time on site or bounce rate and thus have a major influence on rankings.

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