Filebox: Your file system on the Internet



The file box makes files and directories easily available on the web server: The file box is the easiest way to make defined areas of a file system available for salesmen working out of the office or for clients.

Your benefit

No FTP access needed, only port 80 is used
No additional costs or time needed for the installation of additional software (FTP client)
Integration in CI/CD

Details "Filebox: Your file system on the Internet"

Module: Filebox

Making files or entire directories easily available on the web server, e.g. as downloads, is often part of an Internet presence. This function is especially important in Intra- or Extranets. Here people often work in LAN directly in the file system: Photoshop, Freehand or Word function best directly with a file server. Checking files into and out of a document management system or even the versionising and release within the workflow are not always the best solutions. This is why contentXXL offers a file box additionally to the document module and the module workplace.

Via the file box, users with the respective access rights can access files and directories on the web server directly via Internet and browser. You do not have to implement an additional FTP access. Defined over an authorisation system, all usual operations such as upload, download, renaming etc. can be made available to the user. The display of the individual fields (e.g. file name or size) and of the buttons for the different actions can be freely created via templates by the editor. As all the other modules, the file box can be easily placed by the editor via drag & drop in a content area on the web site.

The file box is the easiest way to make defined areas of a file system available for salesmen working out of the office or for clients respectively. There are no additional expenses for upload or multiple data management. The access via Internet occurs in the same way as in LAN. Access rights can be allocated directly by the editor without the help of the administrator. Once set up, there are no additional expenses for the providing of data - they are automatically available online. For further handling, no additional software (such as e.g. FTP clients) are needed. Yet the CI/CD of the web site is not spoiled by unsightly directory lists.


What can it do?

  • Depiction of files and directories via flexible templates
  • Header template for commands
  • Footer template for summary
  • Authorisation system
  • Switch between directories
  • Up- and downloads
  • Delete function
  • Copy function

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