Full-text search and index servers



The index server automatically creates keywords for the content captured and approved by the editor.
The search can be performed on an object-level or over the entire site as well as on specific content areas. In addition, specific search suggestions are provided (e.g. no search terms are proposed which would provide no results in the module in question).

Your benefit

The right information found when you need it
No costs for additional software
Particularities of individual content types (news, documents, etc.) taken into account
Higher hit rates with the exact information being sought

Details "Search: Full-text search and index servers"

Simple search and added value for users

The full text search helps users easily find interesting content. The module not only searches for a specific string of characters, but also looks for keywords at the object level in different types of content (news, events, links, or documents). For the full text search, the best results are by default grouped by object type (in this case documents and news) on the first results page.

Search suggestions can be specific for a particular search module, i.e. only results for this module are suggested. (Sample use: there are several search modules with different search areas on a site).


An overview of the features:

  • placement of different search modules on different pages
  • set each content area to be searched
  • cross-module searches
  • editor can specify additional keywords
  • assigning categories hierarchically
  • automatic keyword indexing of various content types for input or upload
  • automatic, fast compilation of a full-text index in the background
  • different weighting of metadata and full-text
  • specify terms that may not occur in the text, but should still show up in the search results
  • ranking by matches to hit list
  • flexible design of hit list via templates
  • presentation best results grouped by object types such as news, documents, contacts, comparable to eBay search results
  • automatic linking of the hit list to the individual views of the objects found
  • scroll function (paging) for long results lists
  • link to the object's thematic area in the hit list ("found under")
  • word forms recognized as allowed by system software (SQL Server, Index Server). (Example: in the description of the forum module, 'posts' are listed even when searching for 'post')
  • list of ignored words (stop words)
  • consideration of selected language settings, e.g. displaying non-localized content in a standard language
  • different search procedures depending on the module type, e.g. settings about specific characteristics of each object, for example with events and appointments
  • optional highlighting of search terms in the hit list
  • indexing also includes documents in formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Adobe PDF

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The ASP.NET-based CMS is available in three different editions (Basic, Professional and Enterprise). Although the features are oriented to the requirements of international companies and conglomerates requiring content in multiple languages, the system is also ideally suited for small and medium-sized businesses thanks to its attractive pricing model.

Customers can either lease or purchase the system and install it directly on their own servers.

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