Picture Gallery: Automatically edit and present pictures



Presentation of several thematically sorted pictures in different views.

Your benefit

No more complicated picture editing
Simple and time-saving handling

Details "Picture Gallery: Automatically edit and present pictures"

What is it?

The preparative work for presentations of picture galleries is often very time-consuming as one has to calculate the desired size of the pictures either manually or with additional software. contentXXL does this automatically according to your guidelines.


What can I do with it?

  • Presentation of arbitrary picture material, e.g. screenshots
  • Photo galleries
  • Download area for pictures
  • Publication in connection with articles or events

What can it do?

  • Upload of pictures in their original size
  • Automatic preview and calculation of the size of the pictures
  • Module-specific settings for size and views
  • Module-specific settings for the alignment of the previews in lines and columns
  • Meta-information for title, subtitle, author and brief description
  • Free text field with all format possibilities
  • Multiple publication on different sites and over various periods of time
  • Paging
  • Templates for picture alignment
  • Templates for headers and footers
  • Templates for alternate views of lines
  • Templates for printing
  • Central management of the original pictures via the resource manager
  • Simultaneous assignment of several pictures via multiple choice
  • Changing the picture sequence via drag & drop
  • Assignment of the picture gallery e.g. to articles
  • Access rights for user groups according to role concept
  • Supports different languages
  • Caching possible at the web server

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