Powerful .NET technology

The contentXXL CMS is 100% based on Microsoft .NET technology: The CMS is completely programmed using the .NET framework to ensure fast load times even with many visitors. This is not only an advantage in terms of the CMS' scalability, but also provides effective support for your SEO strategy.

Minifying script files

The slow execution of script files is a common reason for poor page load times. For faster execution of Java scripts and faster availability of your sites, contentXXL can help minify JavaScript files. Parsing and execution time can thus be accelerated and your page will load faster.

Intelligent page caching

To reduce the server load and simultaneously deliver pages more quickly, contentXXL CMS relies on intelligent page caching. Pages are cached and can thus load more quickly.

CURRY Innovations GmbH is the manufacturer of the contentXXL CMS for Microsoft Server. contentXXL CMS has been used by leading companies around the world and in all sectors to build and maintain dynamic web sites and intranet/extranet portals.

The ASP.NET-based CMS is available in three different editions (Basic, Professional and Enterprise). Although the features are oriented to the requirements of international companies and conglomerates requiring content in multiple languages, the system is also ideally suited for small and medium-sized businesses thanks to its attractive pricing model.

Customers can either lease or purchase the system and install it directly on their own servers.

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