Organizing tasks and workflows



The workflows during the creation and release of contents and resources or their localisation into various target languages are organised via tasks. For this purpose, a central task list is available.

Your benefit

No additional software required
Familiar environment is not left
Completely browser-based application
Tasks do not get lost
All processes are recorded
You keep track of all tasks
Quality assurance
Time and cost saving

Details "Task module: Organising the workflow"

What is it?

  • Task list for organising the workflow


What is it capable of?

  • Tasks can be assigned to all objects, such as messages or contacts, but also pages or modules
  • Tasks are assigned manually or automatically upon certain events
  • Tasks are assigned to users or roles
  • Tasks can be assigned in such as way that all recipients have to fulfil them or only one recipient
  • Tasks have various status information, such as among others “in progress”, “pending”
  • Tasks have an overall status resulting from the status of the subtasks
  • Besides the common metadata, such as title, description and due date, tasks have a layout area with WYSIWYG editor for free text entry
  • Within the scope of the content relationship management, tasks can be linked to other objects, such as documents, contacts or links
  • Tasks may have file attachments, e.g. error reports
  • Tasks may be equipped with a notification function via e-mail, e.g. in case of status changes
  • Tasks can be delegated to other users or roles
  • The access rights and security guidelines can also be applied to tasks to full extent. If no information is available, the standard guideline applies automatically.
  • The tasks can be assigned headwords and categories
  • A central task list with a multitude of different views is available in the site manager
  • Tasks for a role can be assumed by a member of this role and also reassigned again
  • All task changes are recorded in a protocol
  • The verification of the fulfilment of the task (status: "accomplished") can be reserved to the person who set the task
  • The tasks are arranged via flexible templates
  • Templates already containing all essential information can be used to create frequently occurring tasks, e.g. localisation of a message
  • Text modules for frequent wordings e.g. in foreign languages are available for the WYSIWYG area
  • Tasks can be integrated into the full text search


What can you do with it?

  • Organisation of works on contents, resources or structures
  • Release workflow
  • Localisation workflow
  • Bug-tracking

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