Multilingual Websites for a Global Presence



The CMS system offers an easy option for multilingual sites. The CMS not only supports different language versions of your site. The CMS back-end is also available in English for international users.

Your benefit

contentXXL CMS supports all common languages
contentXXL minimizes the work required for maintaining and operating multi-lingual websites
contentXXL supports the localization of challenging and complex Internet presences
You can ensure your message is consistent and your corporate design is used throughout your website, as well as ensure you completely fulfill country-specific requirements

Details "Multilingual Websites for a Global Presence"

The majority of internet users do not speak English

Studies have shown that today about 50% of Internet users do not speak English. Analysts predict that by 50% of online purchases will be made outside the USA. When these users visit websites, they will look for their own languages, or leave the site. On average, users stay twice as long in websites that are in their own language, and the likelihood of an online purchase is actually quadrupled. Source: Forrester Research

CURRY Innovations GmbH is the manufacturer of the contentXXL CMS for Microsoft Server. contentXXL CMS has been used by leading companies around the world and in all sectors to build and maintain dynamic web sites and intranet/extranet portals.

The ASP.NET-based CMS is available in three different editions (Basic, Professional and Enterprise). Although the features are oriented to the requirements of international companies and conglomerates requiring content in multiple languages, the system is also ideally suited for small and medium-sized businesses thanks to its attractive pricing model.

Customers can either lease or purchase the system and install it directly on their own servers.

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