Optimal image display and management



The image gallery and image objects modules offer everything you need to manage your image files.
Whether uploading, automatic size conversion, creating snippets or previews, or flipbook functions, the image gallery module contains all of the features you need to showcase your photos. Image galleries, download areas, etc. can be created in no time.

With the image objects module, you can combine multiple resources such as images and videos into a single object. Apart from the time-saving, common management of the combined files, this allows various other interesting applications: for example, different images (such as the the pictures in an article) can be shown together in a flipbook. Other useful applications include summarizing different product views or assigning related objects.

Your benefit

The image gallery module offers simple and time-saving image management tools, considerably reducing the time spent organizing your images.
The central, consistent management of related resources saves time and reduces clutter, making your editors' work significantly easier. This is especially useful when you have a large number of image objects to manage. Frequently used features for displaying images can be used without any programming knowledge.

Details ""

Features of the image gallery module

  • upload images in their original size
  • automatic generation of preview and special views
  • module-specific settings for the default size of each view
  • module-specific settings for the arrangement of the thumbnails in rows and columns
  • metadata for title, subtitle, author, and brief description
  • free text field with all formatting options
  • multiple publication at different locations
  • flipbook function
  • header and footer templates
  • preview templates (and alternate views) and single views
  • printing templates
  • central image management of the original images in the resource manager
  • assign multiple images at a time
  • change image sequence using drag & drop
  • assign image gallery to posts, etc.
  • role-based access rights for groups of users
  • international language support
  • caching on web server possible


Features of the image objects module

  • combine several resources such as images or videos into a collection
  • free positioning in the full text area of another object
  • consistent format with templates; no additional programming needed
  • change to single display with flipbook function, for example, all objects (images, videos, MP3) in the current article
  • change to other images that belong to the image object (such as other views or resolutions)
  • consistent management in the object manager
  • multiple and scheduled publication
  • automatic or manual assignment of related objects
  • detailed access rights
  • multiple languages and fallback language options


Great effects with little effort

The image gallery module lets you present multiple images on a topic with different views and create series, galleries, download areas, etc.

The image objects modules is designed for templaters and editors who want to combine multiple resources such as images, videos, etc. into a single object. This allows various files to be grouped together and managed as one contentXXL object. For example, various illustrations can be linked as a collection to an article. This allows, for example, the individual pictures to be shown at the same time in a flipbook. The integration is made easy with the contentXXL Editor.

Image objects should always be used when multiple images belong together or for images requiring the full scope of the features offered for contentXXL objects. In addition, using image objects provides better control over the templates used, in particular, for images in the text area.

You can set up complex and frequently used features in the image or document views without any programming.



Special settings

The image objects module has various template settings. These govern how images are shown in single view, list view, or in flipbooks. The same settings available for articles are available.

The module is also available as a variant for linked contacts. The operating mode and templates dynamically display specific contacts in list form. The same settings available for articles are available.

A detailed description of the customization points and templates can be found in the partnership and support portal.

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