System integration – simple, flexible and fast



contentXXL offers a flexible architecture and a large number of high-performance APIs for connecting up external systems.

Your benefit

Enables easy connection to existing ERP, CRM and e-commerce systems.
Fast, inexpensive integration of content
Easy integration of different databases, web services, and other services.

Details "Numerous interfaces"

Flexible system integration

With its flexible architecture, interfaces and APIs for smooth, flexible system integrations, contentXXL supports integration managers in their role as external and internal corporate consultants. contentXXL enables you to use various databases, web services and other external services such as Windows SharePoint. contentXXL has the essential ready-made connectors and integration features.


Numerous APIs

contentXXL has a large number of high-performance APIs. For example, contentXXL
offers a special API for preparing your own modules.

contentXXL also offers the following:

  • Active Directory
  • Cache Warm Up
  • Customizing
  • Import/Export
  • Performance Audit
  • SharePoint Connector
  • and many more.

XML Integration

contentXXL offers imports and exports via XML and XSL for the easy integration of external database systems, for example for documents, products and assignments, etc. The contentXXL XML module makes it possible to show XML files of any structure and a wide variety of origins in page sub-sections via XSL. Data from external systems can thus easily be incorporated and costs for the system integration process reduced


Flexible architecture

contentXXL offers a flexible architecture for connecting up external systems. contentXXL is based on the latest Microsoft .NET platform to ensure that you have a robust, reliable, flexible platform.

contentXXL is made up of a standard framework and various modules. On the one hand, this component approach makes it possible to quickly provide frequently required features out-of-the-box at favorable prices, while at the same time guaranteeing individual extendibility with additional modules.

CURRY Innovations GmbH is the manufacturer of the contentXXL CMS for Microsoft Server. contentXXL CMS has been used by leading companies around the world and in all sectors to build and maintain dynamic web sites and intranet/extranet portals.

The ASP.NET-based CMS is available in three different editions (Basic, Professional and Enterprise). Although the features are oriented to the requirements of international companies and conglomerates requiring content in multiple languages, the system is also ideally suited for small and medium-sized businesses thanks to its attractive pricing model.

Customers can either lease or purchase the system and install it directly on their own servers.

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